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Earth has Shifted – Climate Change

12/13/2015 UPDATE

Stop Deer Hunting in a Town

Please sign this extremely important petition. This is happening all over Long Island. I believe there is a plot to extirpate all deer on Long Island. The DEC also wants to kill all the Mute Swans in the state of New York and extend the hunting season for Canada Geese!!!! This war on Wildlife must stop! Our taxes are paying for mercenary DEC officials to wipe out our wildlife. They know immunocontraception could work in these small communities but it doesn’t pay them. Step up and speak out before we lose all our wildlife to officials that are only catering to hunting interests, not conservation at all!

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Wringling Bros to Release Elephants due to public outrage

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Time is running out, sign the petition, get active in your community to stop the resuming of the slaughter in your neighborhood October 1st. It’s not about herd control, traffic accidents or disease, its about pure blood lust and sport killing, the thrill of the kill. And making LOTS of $$$ selling YOUR wildlife for the fun of the kill. Don’t buy the bullshit, do the research, see the numbers. And don’t think you are covered by insurance, they are and the hunters are, any damage to life or property you know who the lawyers go after…the ones with the most money, your house, your lifestyle, is it really worth it? CHECK WITH A REAL LAWYER WHO HAS YOUR INTERESTS IN MIND, NOT ONE HEADING UP A HUNTING CLUB.


11/15/2014 Update

Hello All!

Our new website!  Also, while here please contribute any amount you can so we can continue to protect our deer, while helping all East End Towns to develop their own science based, humane wildlife management plans.

Southampton Town’s new Deer Protection and Management Plan, which we helped create through our Long View Management Plan, is a huge step forward in to the vanguard of wildlife management and a template that can be used by all communities. You can see the plan on the Town’s website.
Thank you and my very best to you all,
Wendy Chamberlin


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9/10/2014 Update

 For starters, oral arguments on the preliminary injunction and merits of the petition we filed in Albany against the NYS Dept. of Environmental conservation, are scheduled for this Friday, Sept. 12th at 10:30 at the Supreme Court in Riverhead.  This is open to the public and the court house is on Centre Street.  The Temporary Restraining Order that the Albany Court granted us on March 6th, 2014 preventing the D.E.C. from issuing any new permits or tags to kill deer is still in effect. This is an unusually long time for a TRO to remain.  No one, including the the USDA Wildlife Services sharpshooters have been able to obtain new permits or tags from the DEC to kill deer since that date. We will see on Friday what the Judge has decided about the fate of this TRO.  
            Our goal is for the Judge to rule that the D.E.C. has to re-write it’s outdated Deer Management Plan, to include non-lethal alternatives to manage populations including immunocontraception and sterilization, etc. and to provide a public hearing period for any such plan.  This case may hopefully prompt closer monitoring of the DEC in our district and it’s absurdly muddled and ineffective operations and we will be reaching out to our politicians to encourage this. 
            I am attaching a recent article from the Suffolk Times which reports that the Farm Bureau and Southold Town Officials consider their killing spree, a failure.  They have excuses for why this failed but these are not real.  We are why this failed.  Every single person who rejected this insane plan and made their feelings known by any means are responsible for their failure.  Every one who sent in contributions to the lawsuit is responsible for their failure and the withdrawal of most of the Towns from going ahead with this plan. I applaud you all and hope you realize how rarely such battles are fought and won. Out of the 5,000 deer Mr. Lowny of the USDA and Mr. Gergela of the Farm Bureau originally conspired to slaughter, we saved all but 192.  (Those deer were killed pursuant to permits that had been issued before our March 6th, TRO.) Sixty of these deer where in Sagaponack and Water Mill on land our tax money helped save from development as well as land our donations helped them to buy.  The one single area where the most deer were killed was a golf course in Greenport.  This doesn’t add weight to the “millions of dollars” in farm damage justification.  
            We hope for a positive result in court this Friday but even if we fail there, we will keep working to affect change at the D.E.C. through other means and to keep the USDA from coming back in the next month or two.  It is vitally important that we all tell this story, especially to those who live in Sagaponack only in the summer and may not know this even happened.  It is equally important to talk to anyone you may know in Southold Town.  This is the weak spot and they will surely hire the USDA again this fall or winter.  
            Thank you so very much to anyone who contributed to help pay for the legal costs of this battle.  The Wildlife Preservation Coalition has now become a non-profit organization and our website is being worked on as I write.  Due to the remaining costs of these lawsuits, we will not be able to appeal this case if we lose but I believe we can all be certain that we have made a huge difference here in the way our elected officials view us and our wildlife.  
With very best regards,

08/28/2014 Update